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Welcome to the site!  I hope you enjoy it. 

It's here for the benefit of family and friends and to capture the fun and education I have while working in Germany and traveling in Europe. 

For those of you that are methodical and want to see everything, use the buttons above to see each and every page.  For the rest of you, use the links below.  Have fun!

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What's New??

Where am I anyway? Holland Visit United Kingdom
What's different about living in Germany? Berlin Legoland
Who came with me? The Netherlands Palmengarten
Who do I work with? Engelberg Pictures-1 Munich and Füssen
Engelberg Pictures-2 Brussels
Rüdesheim Ski trip to Kitzbühel, Austria
Fairy-Tale Road
Shopping for Groceries
Stuttgart (Mercedes and Porsche)
Visiting Betsy (my niece) in Holland
Berlin Trip
TV Shows
Colleagues (update)
Americans (update)
Updated Differences...


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