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dcp01819.jpg (110413 bytes) Nice view of grassy mountainside and Alps


dcp01820.jpg (110626 bytes) Better view of the mountains


dcp01826.jpg (169432 bytes) Beautiful stump carving.


dcp01830.jpg (135062 bytes) The 3 hikers.  Some lady offered to take the picture for us.   She almost took the picture of herself.  After we got the camera turned around she did a pretty good job.


dcp01839.jpg (118313 bytes) Some of these look like artificial backdrops they're so magnificent.


dcp01841.jpg (116404 bytes) All of these are like postcard shots.


dcp01843.jpg (128265 bytes)


dcp01848.jpg (99976 bytes)  I don't know, but it seemed that the higher we went, the better the views.


dcp01851.jpg (144366 bytes) Doug and Paige


dcp01853.jpg (164984 bytes) Jean and Doug


dcp01859.jpg (129372 bytes) A real Swiss cow with a bell around it's neck.  They're used to posing for tourists.


dcp01863.jpg (109135 bytes) This would be a nice place to live.


dcp01864.jpg (114353 bytes) View of Engelberg


dcp01869.jpg (111341 bytes) Doug


dcp01870.jpg (102246 bytes) Paige and Jean


dcp01871.jpg (145690 bytes) Photogenic cow.


dcp01873.jpg (113231 bytes) View of Engelberg on the way down.

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