About the Adventures
Up Where in the World? Accomodations

So how did I come to work and live in Germany for several months?  First let me ask that question two other ways to show different perspectives:  1) Why did I have to come to work and live in Germany?  2)  How was I able to come to work and live in Germany?  Well...because nobody else volunteered.

Actually, through a combination of good fortune and circumstance was I able to do this.   As you might guess, I take the positive outlook.  I view this as the opportunity of a lifetime to take full advantage of.

I have the opportunity because my company, Clariant, uses a software package called SAP R/3 to run the business and I'm involved in a project to upgrade our company to the latest version of this software.  It's an exciting project for several reasons:  I get to work with the latest and greatest version of the software, I get to work with people from other countries, and the project has a major significance in my company.

Anyway, enough boring stuff about me and the company I work for. 



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