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Rüdesheim and a drive along the Rhine

The first full weekend here, Oct 2-3, we took a trip in the wine country along the Rhine river


The first significant trip in the big adventure this year was to Engelberg Switzerland to hike with some friends (Jean and Paige).  They were in Switzerland on a hiking vacation and suggested I come down and join them for a weekend (October 9-10).  I'm glad I did!  We had a great weekend as you'll be able to see from the pictures.

From Deutschland to Dutch-land

For the second weekend in a row I was very fortunate to have a friend from home somewhere in Europe.  This time it was my buddy Guy Herring in Amsterdam.   Guy was finishing up a top secret business trip and invited me up to hang out with him the weekend of October 16-17. 


The next trip in the adventure took place on the weekend of October 30-31.  Tom Rooney and I took the train to Berlin on Friday night the 29th and toured the city on Saturday and Sunday.  We hooked up with a fantastic tour guide on Saturday.  He told us much more than we could ever remember but I'll try and put down what I can remember from our short tour of Berlin.

Visiting Betsy and Michel in Holland

As it happens, I have a neice, Betsy Springer, living in the Holland (officially The Netherlands).  Betsy invited me to come visit her, her fiance Michel and his family - and I took her up on it.  I took the train up for the weekend of November 13-14.   The trip was way too short, but it was fun.  Get the full story here.


The first trip of the post-millenium adventures was to Stuttgart to see the Mercedes and Porsche Museums.


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