Amsterdam Pictures

Note:  On the last 9 pictures, you can click on them and see the full-size image.   On the first 9, I screwed up and 'lost site of the big picture'.

DCP01943_small[1].jpg (1675 bytes) Guy and Doug in Werkendam.

DCP01944_small[1].jpg (1548 bytes) Sheep beside the river in Werkendam.

DCP01946_small[1].jpg (2090 bytes) This is a musical instrument with wooden whistles and percussion that was playing on the street in Werkendam.  I don't know what the correct name for it is, maybe someone can tell me. 

DCP01947_small[1].jpg (2258 bytes) Bicycle with saddlebags and front seat with windshield for the kid.   That would be a fun ride - right on the handlebars!

Dcp01950_small[1].jpg (3480 bytes) Here are Alan, Guy, and Ronald in Antwerp. 

DCP01952_small[1].jpg (2232 bytes) A building in Antwerp.  Just about every city I've been to so far has some magnificent old architecture like this.

DCP01964_small[1].jpg (2152 bytes) There's a mime in every city.

DCP01967_small[1].jpg (1669 bytes) Some goat mimes in a park in Bergen op Zoom.

DCP01969_small[1].jpg (1859 bytes) They thought we would feed them, ha ha.

df137.jpg (81121 bytes) Some real, authentic (modern) Dutch windmills.

df141.jpg (94894 bytes) The sun sets on the North Sea at The Hague.

df142.jpg (104434 bytes) You can't do much on this beach...

df144.jpg (87173 bytes) Could be the west coast of anywhere.

df148.jpg (134874 bytes)Greenpeace ship harbored in Amsterdam.

df150.jpg (144757 bytes) Impressive train station.

df152.jpg (139433 bytes) Like I said, there's a mime in every city.

df155.jpg (141890 bytes) Nice canal view in Amsterdam.

df158.jpg (192455 bytes) Another one.

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