Berlin Pictures

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dcp02035.jpg (143888 bytes)  An example of an unrestored East Berlin building.


dcp02041.jpg (131788 bytes)  The beautiful New Synagogue.


dcp02060.jpg (169172 bytes)  A view down Unter den Linden towards the Brandenburg Gate.


dcp02066.jpg (110027 bytes)  Doug at the Brandenburg Gate.


dcp02084.jpg (115831 bytes)  One of the few remaining sections of 'the wall'.


dcp02098.jpg (154524 bytes)  A map at the Checkpoint Charlie museum showing where people were killed trying to escape over the wall.


dcp02127.jpg (105872 bytes)  The Berlin Cathedral.


dcp02138.jpg (140133 bytes) The group after enjoying some beers after a long day of touring.  From left to right, Tom, Doug, Alan, Werner (bar regular), Terry (our guide), Leanna.


dcp02156.jpg (112760 bytes) A view from the 'Infobox' towards the Reichstag to give an idea of all the construction going on.


dcp02176.jpg (163976 bytes)  The Arkaden - a Berlin mall.


dcp02178.jpg (123463 bytes)  Here's what was playing at the movies.


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