Day 2 Pictures

dcp01877.jpg (124285 bytes) View from town up to near where we hiked the 2nd day.


dcp01878.jpg (124078 bytes) A look back at Engelberg and where we hiked the 1st day.


dcp01882.jpg (114113 bytes)


dcp01886.jpg (111531 bytes)


dcp01889.jpg (122891 bytes) The Swiss House of Bells (not really).


dcp01897.jpg (115810 bytes) We're way up now.


dcp01898.jpg (128315 bytes) Look how small the town is now!


dcp01902.jpg (120017 bytes) Our destination - the lake.


dcp01904.jpg (140435 bytes)


dcp01922.jpg (137434 bytes) This should be the last picture.


dcp01928.jpg (119237 bytes) Spent a little time in Lucerne waiting on the train.  This is a from a wooden bridge.


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