Rhine Pictures

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dfrudr21.jpg (172181 bytes) View from the top of the hill at Rüdesheim - vineyards and barge traffic on the Rhine.

dfrudr19.jpg (102464 bytes) The path through the vineyards to the top of the hill at Rüdesheim.

dfrudr15.jpg (124759 bytes) This picture gives you a good idea of why this region is famous for wine.

dfrudr14.jpg (159702 bytes) A nice view of the Rhine and hillsides covered with grapevines in Rüdesheim.

dfruder6.jpg (119023 bytes) The Germania statue overlooking the Rhine in Rüdesheim.

dcp01790.jpg (146638 bytes) Tom enjoying the wine festival in Bacharach.

dcp01791.jpg (153574 bytes) Yours truly doing pretty much the same as Tom.

dcp01799.jpg (132693 bytes) View of the street and buildings in Bacharach.


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