One of the really interesting things I've learned recently is the huge fascination for wristwatches among German men.  Actually, 3 of my colleagues over here - Frank Rothkamm, Patrick Weck, and Armin Wirth -  are very interested in watches and have given me a little education on the subject.  Notice how I have generalized the fact that I know 3 people interested in watches into 'all German men'.  I think maybe it's all men in Europe.  Anyway,  this is completely foreign to me since I only wear a Timex Ironman digital watch that I replace every time the battery dies.

What I'm talking about here does not include digital or electronic watches.   Purely mechanical.  It is really amazing what the German and Swiss watchmakers have done.  I have never heard before of such precision and functionality in a small package.  Today, we're so accustomed to everything being on a computer chip.   From the point of view of a watch aficionado, the best watches are those that have a lot of style, precision, functionality, and class - or a combination of all of the qualities.  Here are a couple of the things I have learned:

How to know the difference between a chronograph and chronometer.  A chronometer is certified to work under many different conditions and maintain a high degree of accuracy.

Most watchmakers buy the watchworks (inside) from one of a few companies.  Rolex is one exception.

My friend and colleague, Frank Rothkamm, has a very nice watch that he's quite proud of.  It's a good example of what I've described above.

Sinn 303 Kristall Specifications
sinn.jpg (39930 bytes)
  • Manufacturer:    Sinn (located in Frankfurt)
  • Model:                303 Kristall
  • Clockwork:         Eta Valjoux 7750 (Swiss)
  • Accuracy:           < 1 sec/day fast
  • Built for the Yukon Quest (dogsled race)
  • Limited edition - 287/1000
  • Water resistant to 200 meters
  • Stopwatch to .25 sec precision
  • Date and day
  • Moisture absorbent material built into the body
  • Crystal glass - won't scratch
  • Clear back to see the watchworks
  • Scale around the face to compute kph
  • Tire speed rating scale on back
  • Shock resistant
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Anti-fade color on face
  • Works in temperatures from -45C to +80C
  • Security clasp on watchband
  • Came with extra shark leather band and can be
    worn over a coat sleeve
  • Also came with a Husky dog bootie!




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