Holland Pictures

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dcp02217.jpg (94481 bytes) Betsy hanging out in Michel's place.


dcp02227.jpg (122564 bytes) Betsy and Michel engaging in a very common activity in Holland.


dcp02229.jpg (96032 bytes) Michel riding along near the windmills.


dcp02230.jpg (92055 bytes) Look Mom, I can ride a bike!


dcp02233.jpg (89991 bytes) Approaching the windmill herd.


dcp02234.jpg (85261 bytes) Nice old windmill.


dcp02235.jpg (84129 bytes) Backside of one.


dcp02238.jpg (141551 bytes) Today's way of controlling the water level - the big screws pump the water out of the canals and into the river.


dcp02240.jpg (100883 bytes) Here they are together - Betsy and Michel.


dcp02242.jpg (94863 bytes) Betsy and her uncle.


dcp02249.jpg (125920 bytes) The van der Hoek's.

These pictures were the best from the bunch.  For all the pictures from my visit -   click here.


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