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On Saturday, November 7 we traveled to Wurzburg to see a couple of castles there. As it turns out, we only made it to one castle because of a traffic jam, trying to park, and eating a long lunch. However, the castle (fortress in the Germany tourist book) we visited was very impressive with a moat and drawbridge (unfortunately no pictures of these from me). On the trip were Doug, Sharon Ford, Vernon, Greg, Ginny, Tim, Pete, Skeeter, Steve, Lisa, and Lynn.

View down street in Wurzburg St Mary's Chapel St. Kilian Basilica
Cool Carving Center for Gestalt Therapy Far off view of Marienburg Fortress
Another   Haus zum Falken
Ever-present cobblestone street Main River Another view of Main
Nicer view from Main Bridge Statue of saint on bridge Another statue on bridge

View of statues - placed there in
the year 1730!!

  Beautiful art at bottom of fortress
Wurzurg from higher up    
On the way up to the fortress    
More overviews of Wurzburg    
Inside the fortress    
I tried to tell her... Steve takes a ride with Satan Having a drink at Sam's American
Bar where Budweiser is an import