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On Saturday, October 24 we drove to Heidelberg to see the famous castle. It took us longer than expected to get there because after some 45 minutes of driving we discovered we were going the wrong way. The roads in Germany don't indicate direction; the signs only tell you cities and towns you're headed towards. We had fun anyway because we could drive over 100 mph. Our quote from the trip: "The good news is - we're making great time. The bad news is - we're heading in the wrong direction. On the trip were Tim, Ken, Pete, Lynn, Skeeter, and Doug.

Group with pastries View up alley in Heidelberg Main street in Heidelberg
View from slot in castle wall Another alley view 'Small' vat
Guys on top of 'large' vat - only
222000 liters
Lynn at base of 'large' vat View of Heidelberg
View of Heidelberg bridge Interior castle ruins Main palace
Side view of castle View of castle from Heidelberg Robotus Automatus
Robot mime in action