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Mainz is a nearby town on the Main River. On our first trip to Mainz, we found a great place to eat called Wallaby's. It's an Australian restaurant that has has lots of American food on English! menus. We've been there several times. The pictures below are from a couple of trips to Mainz.

Big church in Mainz - St Peter's View of copper dome Pete and Skeeter pretending to play ping pong on concrete table
We had never seen an outdoor
ping pong table before and were
Band in Wallaby's that played
American tunes from the 70's and
They were good and the bass play
was the best musician.
The singer liked having her picture
Poster about the Australian
Front of Wallaby's.
The Main River slightly over the
  We saw a rainbow!!!  
Public restroom... ...also a fascination of ours. View across the river and of the
bridge where we saw the
Another church. Sunset. Nice golden horse.
The gang at Wallaby's.